Guest: Susan Fraser

Tim Storey

From Foymount, go west on Hwy 512,
then right on McCauley Mountain Rd
for 1.5 km. Located on left.

Teapots in the guise of Giraffes, Elephants, Camels, Zebras and mythical Dragons. Tim Storey's signature teapot series have been exhibited widely in one man shows and exhibitions in North America and Germany. Instantly recognizable, Storey's personal style has put him in most major Canadian Ceramics Collections. These include the Kamm Collection [Los Angeles], the Bronfman/Clarridge Collection [Montreal], General Foods [Canada] Ltd., and the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum [Waterloo]. For 25 years Tim has concentrated on the "salt glaze" technique. Dating back over 500 years this glaze requires the introduction of salt into the kiln atmosphere, which enhances the depth of detail and complements the subsequent addition of precious metal lustre glazes.

Tim Storey studio

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