Anna Wagner-Ott
Artist and Art Educator
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Image of the studio

889 Wilowski Dr, Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada
Paugh Lake, north shore, just past the public beach.

Anna Wagner-Ott begins each painting with an inspiration coming from nature.   It could be a beautiful stream of shining reflections in the water or a dynamic golden sunset across the horizon.  Once the landscape is completed, Anna disrupts the cherished place and paints a meticulously woven net, or integrates  altered fabrics within the painted surface.  Her woven structures become metaphors for barriers that cover the land.

Anna has worked in many media such as oil, acrylic, paper, plaster and fabrics. Commitment to the encaustic process began in 2013.   Melting, scraping through layers, building up and sculpting ensures that the outcome of each work is uncertain, and it is this unpredictable element that fascinates Anna.  

For over 40 years Anna has had solo shows at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery in Oshawa, the Guild Gallery in Toronto, the National Exhibition Center in Fredericton and Edmundston, the University Art Gallery in Fredericton, the Gallery in the University Union in Sacramento, the Sacramento Fine Art Center.

In 2013 Anna retired from her tenured teaching position at California State University in Sacramento and spends many hours in her studio creating artworks and giving painting workshops.  

Image of the artist

Blowing in the Wind: encaustic on panel  

White as Snow: encaustic on panel  

Reflections: encaustic on panel  

Light at Dusk: encaustic on panel  

Hanging by Threads: encaustic on panel  

Unravelling # 3: acrylic on canvas  

Threads Unravelling: encaustic on panel  

Interlaced Narrative 1: encaustic on panel  

Interlaced Narrative: encaustic on panel  

Darning Memories: encaustic on panel  

Passageways, acrylic on canvas  

Darning Memories: encaustic on panel  

Mending Fences: encaustic on panel  

Grey Steel Boundaries: encaustic on panel  

Grids and Windows: acrylic on canvas