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17589 Hyway #60, Wilno
Corner of the Wilno Tavern Parking Lot.

Joyful and uplifting clothing hand dyed by Rri.

Vivid colours and intricate designs attract the eye.  Rich, deep colours speak of moods and tones which resonate with one, or not. So, to keep things interesting, Rri creates many colour combinations. Whether it be in earth tones, or fire, water, bright rainbow, heavy black, there may be something waiting for you. With images of dragonflies, butterflies, hearts, spirals, and rainbows of many a pattern, Rri combines folding and hand-stitching techniques for the fabric to take on a life of it's own!

Dye is worked on natural-fibre white items from baby onesies and hats to girls' and women's dresses, to form-fitting and classic tee shirts.  To add to the variety, Rrijoice Tie-Dyes has Ontario-made cotton socks for adults, as well as Nova Scotia-made original Stanfield's full body long-johns (with the "trap door" of course ), tied and dyed and full of life!

The colours last as long as the garment.  No special care is required, simply wash like any other cotton item.  Sizes from newborn to 4XL adult.

In the summer months Rrijoice Tie-Dyes are sold in Wilno from a cute little shop called New Dimensions. This mini rainbow emporium serves as a place of retail shop and a part-time studio.

Image of the artistImage of the artist

Lots of clothes for babies and children!  

Canadian Made, Stanfields, Nova Scotia  

Canadian Made, Stanfields, Nova Scotia.  

Hanging out in Wilno, Ontario.  

A peak into New Dimensions...  

Children's section.