Kathryn Kasaboski
Slightly Off Center
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Guest at Kathy Haycock

Kathryn is a multi-media artist.  She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry made of clay fired on her property, using the Raku method.  This method gives a finished look that is both unpredictable and unique to a clay surface. Using paverpol and recycled objects she makes whimsical sculptures.  Her work in pottery also includes a variety of unique nature-inspired vases.

Image of the artist

Kick up Your Heels (Paverpol)  

Raku necklace  

Raku Earrings  

Natural Landscape Trays  

Nature Inspired Vase  

Raku Earrings  

Tree Vase  

putting in redox pots  

bisqued pieces  

glazed and ready to fire  

in the kiln  

just fired  

finished product ready for findings  

pots ready for pieces