Madawaska Metal Works
Mike Desrochers
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Guest: Gnarly Burl Studios

2736 Quadeville Road (hwy 515)
15 min West of Foymount, 3 min East of Quadeville

My works are produced in the traditional methods of blacksmiths: by coal-fired forge and on the anvil under a hammer. The materials I use are primarily discarded iron and steels from abandoned farmsteads and antiquated industries of the upper Ottawa Valley. Whenever possible I allow most of my pieces to retain telltale signs of their origins. Each of my creations is 'one-of-a-kind' with a past and story of its own long before it found its way into my forge and under my hammer.

Come and feel the heat! I'll be forging small giveaway pieces hourly both days of the tour. It's a fantastic opportunity to gain insight and appreciation for this ancient art. 

Note: Our farmstead studio & gallery are comfortable rain or shine with picnic tables for those who have packed a lunch and with time to enjoy the atmosphere at their leisure.

Mike Desrochers
Artist Blacksmith
Quadeville ON

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Carved Shovels  

Teeth and Shanks Table  

Hunting Heron  


Chef Knives  
Made from from century-old crosscut saw blades  

Grape Coatrack  
From an old pitch fork. note: actually a five-tined fork is called a 'grape'...no idea why!  

the 'Nine Irons'  
Ancient Irish amulet of 9 blacksmith-forged miniatures of the iron implements used on the homestead. Each has a specific 'magic'  

Chef's Knife  
I make these from century-old felling and crosscut saws. They have a natural tapered blade with an amazing non-stick pitted patina. These sell as fast as I make them!  

A ritual knife made from a railroad spike  

Coat Rack  
Made from a frame member of a horse drawn plough and a few rail spikes from the K&P line  

A Russian Rose  
This rose is made from a single section of horseshoe stock. It's all one piece of steel!  

Bottle and glasses holder  
Made from a used draught-horse shoe and a few hayrake tines with a classic rose accent  

Fire Poker  
Poker with reverse twists made from horse-drawn plough linkage  

Trebleclef candle sconce  
Made from a haybine linkage rod.  

Stand up Rose  
This 'classic' rose takes about 5 hours to make. Built with pieces from an old oil tank and a hay-rake.