Chris Peltzer
Starfield Studio ~ Original Paintings
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613 754 2732

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Guest: The Fairy Firkin

1216 Lake Clear Rd
Take Hwy 512 west out of Eganville, 15 km. to Lake Clear Rd. Turn left. Studio second driveway on left.

Chris Peltzer's Starfield Studio exhibits her original landscapes and still lifes painted in the Impressionist style. Works can be viewed in progress with finished paintings on display.

"Since moving to the Ottawa Valley in 1986, I have found plein aire painting to be a wonderful way to really experience the character of this place and have found it a valuable way to vividly remember not only how a place looks, but also how it felt physically and emotionally to me at the time. Now this is how I spend my holiday time too. I paint everywhere I go whenever I can. Besides plein aire, still life is a joy. I like to create homey, intimate set ups and also enjoy compositions that only exist in my mind."

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Dores at Lunenburg  

The Green Canoe ~ Winter  

Ari and Grandpa Fishing  

Walking in Shaw Woods  

Three Buckets  

Big Rock Sails