The Fairy Firkin
Beverly Lewis
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Guest at Chris Peltzer

The Fairy Firkin is a conceptual art studio where the visual art is supported by whimsical fables and a book of definitions. A thematic presence of fairy culture is fashioned through multiple fine arts skills: writing, photography, paint, crystal, wired charm and a full measure of creative imagination.

Promoting good will and happiness, this factory of fairy findings proposes hope, love, peace and compassion in a symbolic series of original art pieces.

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Rosen Blumen  


The Fairy Firkin Books  


Froggy wish  

Fairy Flasks  

Fairy Flasks  

Blues re-treet  

Pixie Pots & Gazing Orbs  

Fairy Focused Flora & Fauna  

Fairy Focused Flora & Fauna  

Fairy Focused Flora & Fauna