Karen Istead Glass Artist
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Image of the studio

Karen is a glass artist in the Bancroft area, doing fused glass, which is melted and slumped in a kiln, and traditional stained glass using the copper foil method.  The challenge to her work in glass is reflecting the light and beauty of our natural landscape and surrounding area. She captures the light reflecting upon the endless trees and hills and the sparkling light reflecting upon the waterways and rivers. Her work is original with designs often inspired by the photos she takes captured by the ever present camera.

Many of her sparkling and translucent glass pieces are to be found in homes and cottages throughout North America and Europe. The translucent pieces are designed to fit in a window, capturing the natural light or on a end table reflecting the lamp light. There are also opaque glass pieces that reflect the natural light available and some are“useful” art pieces. 

Karen is also challenged and working to develop the fusing of recycled glass. She is endeavouring to create usefulness and beauty from what would become useless landfill. Her view  is that glass of all kinds has beauty from its beginning to the end of its life.

Karen is retiring from her full time Nursing career this spring and looks forward to the challenge of the next glass project and the ideas are never ending.

Image of the artist

Birch Forest fused glass  

silent lake marsh fused glass  

Blueberry Island fused glass  

candle holders fused glass  

Loon stained glass  

Maple Tree fused glass  

Fused glass tree  

portager stained glass  

Heron fused glass  

fused glass plates  

pine tree stained glass